June 23, 2024
Unique Places to see in Knoxville, Tennessee

Top  5 Unique Places to see in Knoxville, Tennessee

There was a time when Knoxville, Tennessee, was considered a ghost town. But, today, this city is refining its edges, notably around Market Square, which formerly housed a market hall that was turned into a pedestrian mall in the 1960s. Knoxville was a rough-and-tumble log fort on the untamed Tennessee frontier before it became the Mecca of outdoor activities, cuisine, and craft beer.


The city has also invested in outdoor leisure, creating the Knoxville Urban Wilderness, a network of woods, parks, and lakes. You’ll never be bored in Knoxville, Tennessee since there are many fantastic things to see and do.


The city still exudes a pioneer spirit, and the past is alive and well on every street corner. Discover the origins of the frontier fort and how to prepare food over an open fire. From Civil War-era houses fully decorated with Victorian decor to early American relics, here is a long list of attractions. It is mesmerizing to see the well-kept Italian gardens and the active forges. Knoxville’s historic monuments and attractions include award-winning exhibitions, magnificent houses, and museums.

Out of the world places to visit in Knoxville, Tennessee:

A visit to Knoxville, Tennessee, provides you with a wealth of information about the state’s past and present, including museums, history centers, parks, fairs, theatres, and several historic structures and monuments.

Unique Places to see in Knoxville, Tennessee

Here are the top 5 places to visit in Knoxville, Tennessee. These are the best options to get familiar with the glorifying past, shinning present, and progressive future of the Knoxville, Tennessee:

1.      Farragut Museum:

This museum, housed within Farragut Town Hall, has one of the most extensive Admiral David Farragut memorabilia collections in the United States. Civil War aficionados will want to know about this museum within Farragut Town Hall. Admiral David Glasgow Farragut’s collection is one of the museum’s attractions. Admiral Farragut, the first admiral of the United States Navy, was born here on July 5, 1801.

Artifacts and images documenting the history of the Farragut and Concord areas are housed at the museum. Additionally, the museum acts as a repository for the history of this historic neighborhood.

2.      Experience Frontier Life in Tennessee:

White’s Fort is a group of fortified buildings enclosed by a stockade fence. The fort attraction contains seven log huts from the period and the surrounding wood wall. White’s Fort provides a unique look into early Tennessee frontier life. The Fort conducts hands-on programming throughout the year, where visitors may learn about fire cooking, blacksmithing, and wool spinning.

3.      Pioneer Mountain Farm Village Museum:

This living history museum is located 20 miles north of town near Interstate 75 in the Appalachian Mountains. With a reconstructed pioneer town, it provides a voice to the frequently misunderstood Appalachian people. The Museum of Appalachia exhibits over 30 log cabins, barns, churches, gardens, and schools on 65 gorgeous acres. Visit a farm and see a vast collection of regional relics, from folk art to musical instruments.

4.      Sunsphere:

Let’s start with that gold disco ball tower in the city. What is that thing? In 1982, the Sunsphere was created for the World’s Fair. Yes, Knoxville, Tennessee, had a World’s Fair (the least profitable, we may add). The Space Needle, constructed in Seattle for the 1962 World’s Fair, and the Unisphere, erected in New York City for the 1964 World’s Fair, are examples of world fair constructions.

5.     An Oasis of Quiet Sophistication:

The University of Tennessee is only a short walk from the Crown Plaza Knoxville Downtown University. Luxurious lodgings, first-rate amenities, and first-rate service are part of our magnificent retreat. Mahoganies serve contemporary American cuisine, while The Library serves alcoholic drinks. Market Square and Gay Street are only a short walk away, making it simple to see everything Knoxville offers.