April 24, 2024
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Where to Travel in 2019

A new year with new discoveries to be made. Taking some time out to travel on your own or with family and friends is a good way to create some balance in your life. There are so many places to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect spot for you. Well, you have to start

somewhere, so take a look at India, Morocco and Thailand.  They each provide you with a varied cultural experience and will expose your taste buds to tantalizing herbs and spices.

Discover yourself in India

India has always been an intriguing place for visitors. This busy country allows you to experience the unique history of the area include succession. Within the city you will find remnants of ancient hindu culture, the impact of colonization in the architecture as well as modern technology existing alongside one another.

This diversity is coincidentally reflected in the varied terrain and nature in the country. From tropical beaches and canals in the South, to Forests in the centre and desert-like regions in the North. Why not book into one of many kodaikanal hotels for a therapeutic and spiritual break. This land of contradictions is fascinating and always give you some perspective about your own life. Even it 2019, people are still seeking that solace and spirituality that India is also known for.

Discover Morocco

Rabat, the low-key capital city of Morocco is often overlooked by travellers. However, this is a about to change as it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. The elegant city is found being historical wall and fortresses. Within the city walls, there is a wealth of hassle free shopping and experiences. However, as it is yet to be a UNESCO site until now, it is yet to be run over by multitudes of tourists. Making these early 2019 stages the best time to head out.

For those with a preference for the outdoors, the desert and mountainous regions make for a great hiking experience. On top of that the lakes are teeming with fish for those who enjoy fishing. A trip to Morocco is certainly one bound to be filled with new experiences. Additionally, one cannot leave the area without tasting the incredible curries and exquisite pottery and ceramics. This certainly is a meeting of two worlds.

Relax in Thailand

Thailand is any vacationers dream.It has a great combination of history, shopping and great beaches; making it ideal for all genders and ages. The food is healthy, tasty and affordable. So is the accommodation along the way. There is something for everybody in the family to get involved in. This includes tours of the incredible temples as well as the colourful river markets.

The beaches are pristine and suitable for family vacations or honeymoon trips. Activities in Thailand include elephant riding, architectural sightseeing and scuba diving, snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear waters. The local are friendly and benefit greatly from tourism. So book yourself into a 5 star hotel in Phuket or one of the other popular areas and get ready to relax in paradise.

Any of these countries will provide you and your family with an opportunity to learn about a new culture, tastes different foods and shop and relax before heading back to the hustle and bustle of your daily lives.