July 14, 2024
First Cruise Holiday

Why You’re Never Too Young (Or Old) to Take Your First Cruise Holiday

Many people believe that cruising is for of a certain age. This is one of the biggest tourism myths left remaining, as the truth is that modern cruises offer plenty of enticing options for people of all ages. In recent years many cruise lines have updated their fleet to include a wider range of accommodation, dining and activity choices for all guests aboard.

What to expect on board

While each cruise ship is different, you can expect to find modern facilities on board most major cruise lines. Companies such as Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Lines, all offer state-of-the-art swimming pools, bars and restaurants, fitness centres, and spas on their ships. As far as dining is concerned, the sky’s the limit. There are still buffet and cafe-style restaurants for easy and quick meals, but cruise lines typically now offer a range of elegant restaurants, lounges, and bars. You can even indulge in chef-prepared meals paired with wine recommended by an on-board sommelier, or an expertly crafted cocktail.

Duty-free shopping and evening entertainments round out the offerings on board a cruise. Like the rest of the facilities, the variety of on board entertainment has also benefited from an update. While it’s still possible to catch lounge acts belting out classic tunes, many cruise ships now offer cinemas playing the latest blockbusters, and abridged performances of hit West End and Broadway musicals.

Destinations and Routes

One of the wonderful things about taking a cruise is the ability to explore several destinations in one trip without having to worry about the logistics. This makes far-flung and exotic destinations much more accessible for people of all ages. With a cruise, you can take a once in a lifetime journey to the Arctic, Galapagos Islands, or Alaska. These types of voyages appeal to real adventurers and will take passengers through some of the most stunning scenery on the planet.

A little closer to home, Mediterranean cruises with Celebrity are a great choice for first-time cruise takers. They are frequent, relatively inexpensive, and offer a good combination of cultural attractions, sightseeing opportunities, and beaches. Depending on the extent of the cruise, passengers can visit port cities in Italy, France, Greece, Croatia, and even Tunisia. Once docked at a destination, you can participate in excursions organised by the cruise ship, or head out on your own. The latter option is great if you’re looking for more autonomy and freedom in a cruise.


The idea that cruises cater to certain age groups is nothing more than a myth. First-time cruise takers are often surprised by how modern and updated cruise ships are these days. Families will find that there are plenty of play areas and other fun options for kids to keep themselves occupied on board, as well as well-priced dining facilities. Adults of all ages can take advantage of world-class shopping, vibrant bars and lounges, a variety of evening entertainment, and relaxing spa treatments.

If you’re interested in taking a cruise for the first time, don’t let myths and misconceptions discourage you. Cruises represent a carefree and hassle free holiday option that lets you explore the world in comfort. Prime cruises can often fill up a year in advance, so it’s never too early to start looking at your options.