June 13, 2024
Hong Kong to Manila

Tips to travel from Hong Kong to Manila

Do you live in Hong Kong?

Are you planning to visit Manila, also known as ‘’pearl of orient’’?

Then you are on the right page, we have everything you need to know about traveling from Hong Kong to Manila.

Capital of the Philippines, Manila is the assault on the senses. Manila is the city where people come and fall in love with this city. People admire and praise the hospitality of this city. Thousands of visitors visit Manila every year for the sake of business as well as pleasure. Manila is the destination with a perfect blend of the modern towns and historical cities. You can find out more on this website.


Manila and Hong Kong have no serious change in climate and both the places are dry and cool from December to February and with warm and humid weather from May to September.

Topmost attractions of Manila:

  • Being the capital of  the Spanish Philippines it was one of the richest cities of that empire. The stunning architecture and rich heritage of Manila are its biggest attractions.
  • Manila is the home for superb Filipino cuisine. No one can resist Adobo (lamb or chicken with rich garlic sauce) and Lumpia (spring roll wraps).
  • Manila has some of the best museums in South East Asia.
  • For nature lovers, around Manila, there are superb natural attractions such as the peak of Mount Pinatubo, Tagaytay cities volcanic lagoon. And the amazing sunny beaches like Zambales and Calatagan.
  • Manila is also the center of a thriving local art scene and has marvelous Art galleries.
  • The nightlife of Manila is filled with glamour. Rooftop cocktail bars, live music, wonderful clubs, and fancy thriving bars are gaining quick reputation as party-goers in Asia.
  • In addition to all this Disneyland Hong Kong, Ngong Ping, and Symphony of Lights are also the main attractions of Manila.

Flying to Manila:

  • The Chek Lap Kok International Airport is the nearest airport to Hong Kong and Nino Aquino International Airport is closer to Manila.
  • Hong Kong and Manila exist in the same time zone and the flight time between two cities is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. For flights with a layover, this time exceeds up to 5 hours.
  • 6 airlines are operational between Hong Kong and Manila and there 126 flights are available.
  • On the day of your flight from Hong Kong to Manila, it is recommended to arrive two hours earlier.

Now, if you are wondering for the most economical and comfortable flights from Hong Kong to Manila then we have the answer to this question also:


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