July 14, 2024
Romance on the Island of Cyprus

Top Restaurants for Romance on the Island of Cyprus

Cyprus is located deep in the Mediterranean Sea and as a result its cuisine is heavily influenced by ingredients would you normally associate with the area. From delicious dips, mezze platters, tenderly prepared meat, fish, seafood and fresh fruit and vegetables. The coming together of family and friends for a drink and a meal is the centre of Cypriot’s social lives and you will see many of the locals enjoying long dinners to celebrate occasions like this.

With so many restaurants on the island you might find that you miss out on some of the best places to eat that are also filled with romance. Here is a guide to finding the best restaurants with an added dose of romance on the island.

The Ambiance Restaurant & Beach Club – Kyrenia

As you might expect, the Ambiance restaurant is located right by the coast of Kyrenia and offers a beautiful romantic experience that is hard to match anywhere else on the island. You are treated to some superb sea views while enjoying some delicious local cuisine and the restaurant also boasts some luxurious yet clean decor.

Le Vieux Village – Limassol

Although this restaurant has a French name which implies it does not sell local cuisine, venturing inside will give you the opportunity to eat some gorgeous Cypriot dishes.  The atmosphere in this restaurant is casual and traditional with some great sea views while the decor includes some arches and bougainvillea cascading over the walls, which gives off a charming and romantic feel.

Akamas Fish Tavern – AgiosGeorgios

This restaurant is consistently voted one of the best on the island. It is located right on the harbour so the fish dishes served here are all extremely fresh while you can also try the amazing mezze and meat kebabs on the menu. This traditional Cypriot spot also offers some breath taking harbour views for you to enjoy while you dine. If you are thinking about taking a holiday here then be sure to look online for flights to Cyprus to find the best deals and save some money on your trip.

Monte Carlo – Piyale Pasha

This romantic restaurant is situated right on the water’s edge and is a well known spot on the island. Often praised for its fantastic views, fresh ingredients and welcoming atmosphere, the Monte Carlo is a great place to come and try some authentic Cypriot cuisine. Inside the style is very trendy and wonderfully designed and is a popular location for visitors.

Esperia – Ayia Napa

Should you find yourself in the tourist hotspot of Aya Napa where the night life reigns as the biggest attraction to this part of the island, then have no fear because you can still find a romantic restaurant to visit. The Esperia is a great little restaurant with some upmarket decor and fantastic views of the sea and the harbour while you can order some fine fresh fish, meat and mezze dishes to name but a few.