June 23, 2024
Booking Travel Accommodation Online

Top Tips For Booking Travel Accommodation Online

The accommodation you choose can either make or break your holiday experience. We all have our own horror stories of hotel stays gone bad! However, the internet has made the process of booking accommodation much easier. And, most importantly, it allows us to get a clearer insight into the services we are about to pay for. In saying that, it’s important to remain savvy in order to get the best hotel at the best deal. Here are our top tips for booking travel accommodation online.

Start early – The longer stretch of time you have to search for accommodation the better. Check out a number of hotel or booking sites as part of your research. This  allows you to investigate your options thoroughly and find the best deal.

Choose sites carefully – Many people use booking sites to find a hotel these days. These are great for finding the best deal. However, there are a few dodgy websites out there, so only use those with a good reputation.

Be flexible with dates – Accommodation rates, like flight costs, seesaw depending on the date. In some cases, you will be able to make a huge saving if you move your holiday dates, even just by a week or two. If you can, try to have a broad time-frame in mind so that you can fit your holiday around the best deals.


Use recommendations first – Reading reviews can often leave you confused. You may think you’ve hit the jackpot, and then you come across a terrible customer evaluation that you can’t get out your ahead. But a recommendation from a relative, friend, colleague or neighbour will in most cases be reliable. However, if you are relying on reviews, if any concern you, call the hotel directly and ask them how they have subsequently dealt with the problems in the review.


You don’t have to pay top prices for comfort – The whole point and purpose of a hotel is to give guests a pleasant experience. So, don’t think you have to blow all your budget in order to have a comfortable experience. Many reasonably priced hotels include various luxurious features. This may include Richard Haworth bedding, in-room coffee machines and power showers.

Always confirm – Things can and do go wrong, so when you have booked accommodation online, it’s always best to ring the hotel to confirm the arrangements. This is especially crucial if you have used a booking website, rather than dealing directly with the hotel.

It is important to bear in mind that even with the luxury of the internet, you can never 100% guarantee you are making the right choice. Someone might have a marvelous experience at a hotel while another may have a dreadful time. A lot depends on personal standards and whether the hotel is operating at it’s best during your stay. Even though you always leave a little bit up to chance, follow these tips, and you will give yourself the best chance of picking the perfect accommodation at the best price.