July 14, 2024


Exploring uncharted cities and countries is much more convenient by train and not only more convenient, but also cheaper. In addition, tourists receive a pleasant, free bonus, beautiful views, measured and calm journey. True, if you buy not reserved seats, but a higher class. Today we’ll talk about how you can buy train tickets profitably and most importantly – cheaper. After all, travel in Europe is not always distinguished by affordability. Therefore, before ordering tickets for travel in European cities, savethefare.com advises you to read a few useful tips from those who have repeatedly used this travel option.


  1. Not all companies, but some please their customers with pleasant bonuses if they buy tickets in advance (about a month before departure). But there are not many such promotional offers (as a rule, people quickly pick up tickets at a discount). After which the carrier sells tickets at a standard price.
  2. Flexibility – the sister of frugality. Direct routes from point A to point B, as a rule, are more expensive than alternative ones, those that require more time. But if there is an opportunity to get confused, then you can save significantly.
  3. For thrifty tourists, there is only one option – to travel on “unpopular days.” What kind? Firstly, they should not be festive, since prices immediately skyrocket during this period. And secondly, as in the case of buying a ticket for an airplane ticket on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will cost more. Therefore, those traveling on a trip from Monday to Thursday are cheaper to travel, as the influx of people is less, as well as demand.
  4. In some cases, separate tickets can be cheaper. Therefore, it is worth double-checking the cost of travel for each segment of the journey when traveling with transplants. It is likely that it will be possible to save well if you purchase separate tickets rather than direct tickets (companies often arrange various profitable promotions in such areas).
  5. Buying train tickets is more profitable online. For those who buy at the box office, they do not always offer promotions that are on the Internet.
  6. Do not forget to use special services that compare the cost of tickets in your direction. It is not always possible to independently track the most profitable.
  7. Do not miss special offers. You are going to travel as a group, then see if there are promotions. Your trip falls on a weekend in an unpopular season, then there is a chance of getting a discount on the action. Follow the offers of carriers.