July 14, 2024


Going to China, it is extremely useful to arm yourself with knowledge of the rules of conduct in order to make your trip as involved as possible in the local process.

Useful tips for tourists in China

China is rightly called “the most not such country in the world.” Here, there really are their own rules and principles, which at times are very different from what we are used to. The Chinese think differently and this is an interest to learn more deeply about their culture, dating back nearly a thousand years and giving rise to many Asian traditions.

To travel China, it is extremely useful to arm yourself with knowledge of the rules of conduct in order to make your trip as involved as possible in the local process. We have prepared a list of recommendations for those who embark on such an exciting journey.

Useful tips for travelers to China

  1. Take a picture

You will often, a lot and with enviable regularity hear requests to be photographed with you. Especially if you are suddenly a girl with blond hair or the parent of a “white” child, then requests to be photographed will mean with him. White-skinned people arouse natural curiosity and interest among the Chinese, along with the desire to leave the event of meeting you with as a keepsake. Take it easier. Make people happy. In the end-end, no one will post photos to you on a Facebook social network – the global network is still banned in this country.

  1. Carefully read the menu when choosing an order

This is if you are lucky and the restaurant has a menu in English. If you find yourself in a Chinese outback, look for a way to insist that you will be the usual kind of meat. And then for the Chinese, it’s in the order of things sometimes to regale themselves with a curiosity and exoticness from the name of the meat of which (for example, dogs) a Russian person can become sick. But do not worry, the Chinese have long understood that exotics in the form of a snake, shark or fried grasshoppers somehow especially attract tourists (who are primarily photographed with a dish, but do not always eat), therefore they inflate prices and actively advertise delicacies.

  1. Say nihao instead of hello

The Chinese language is so difficult for our ears that asking to learn the basic phrases for polite treatment is inappropriate here. It makes sense to remember at least the greeting “nihao” and say hello to the local population in their language.

  1. Be aware of the three-person rule

There is a rule that is well known among people who like to travel Amsterdam – always ask at least 3 people if you need to know the direction. Even if you show a Chinese card or suddenly the person you speak speaks English well, ask two more passers-by about the same thing. It’s not scary with the hotel, you can always take a taxi, but you can be late for the train, trying to find your way at the station in this way.

The fact is that for any Chinese it is extremely important not to lose face. In this case, to say “I do not understand you” or “I do not know” to a foreigner is precisely to lose face. They will show you the way in any direction, just to not say it. Keep this in mind, just in case. But also remember that the Chinese are very open to help foreigners, so if you get lost, you will sooner or later be taken to the right place, putting aside all your affairs for your sake.

  1. Carry a phrasebook and a business card with you

In China, almost no one speaks English. In travel Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, this problem is not so pronounced, and in other regions it will have to be explained on the fingers, if it’s not about your guide (employees in tourism usually speak good foreign languages, even Russian). Make it a rule not to go anywhere without a phrasebook and business cards – your adventure will immediately become more comfortable and calmer.