June 13, 2024
Nicoya Peninsula: the blue zone of Costa Rica

Nicoya Peninsula: the blue zone of Costa Rica

When we decided to explore Costa Rica, the first thing that was in our minds was to know the secret of its blue zone, Nicoya Peninsula. Nicoya is among the happiest places in Central America and the world as well. With the highest literacy rate in Latin America, Costa Rica also reports a high level of life satisfaction. This Caribbean nation with excellent health care is economically secure and it was the point where all three of us were agreed. Being economically sound is the main reason to live a long and healthy life.

But during our visit to Costa Rica, there were many more we get reveled. Traveling to Costa Rica was an adventure that was extravagant and natural with so much fun and satisfaction. The coast to coast exuberant beauty, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, animals, wide-open spaces, untapped environment and everything else was pretty organic. Its misty waterfalls, protected forests, and deserted beaches are simply stunning. You can watch our vlog to learn more about Costa Rica:

During our visit to Nicoya, we learned some new secrets to life. They are not actually new, but we have just forgotten these rules in our fast and busy life. Spending time in Nicoya has reintroduced us with our basics and roots that are the real reason for living a long and healthy life. Before visiting Costa Rica we had a misconception that being rich and financially sound is the reason to be healthy and happy, but there is much more that is equally important. During some of our interactions with the elders of the Nicoya Peninsula, we get to know that people here commonly reach a healthy age of at least 90 years and frequently live to be over 100.

During our visit, we have found that older people here feel needed with a strong sense of purpose. This purpose usually centers on their family or community that motivate elder people to maintain an active lifestyle and positive outlook. The strong bonding of older family members with their children and grandchildren give them a sense of purpose and belonging. People there follow a strong work ethic for their whole life that keeps them active, healthy, and also it contributes to their sense of purpose.

Here, Foreman was on a mission with Hustle Hive TV to document the blue zone experience of Nicoya, because his App Company Kick-it Points is built to enable users to have a Blue Zone experience. But it was far more than an informative document experience for all of us. We explored here the key to happiness and peace of mind. The social networking of Nicoyan people with each other is never dependent on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. They visit their friends, relatives, and neighbors frequently with and without any special occasions.  They know how to laugh, listen, appreciate, love, and help each other. Their strong belief in God makes them even stronger. Nicoyan people have regular ‘faith routines’ that are the ways to relieve their stress, depression, and anxiety. Their hard work, sense of being important for others, strong community relationships, and faith are the factors that bring tranquility and peace to their lives.

This trip to Costa Rica was not about traveling to one of the beautiful destinations of the world, but it was a journey to self-exploration and a chance to learn the actual meaning of happy and purposeful life.