June 13, 2024
chauffeur for a wedding

Tips to hire a chauffeur for a wedding

‘’You’re going to the Chapel to do you-know-what’’…..song is melodious and expresses the beauty of your fairytale wedding event….am I right?

But, what about the real issues of transportation of you and your wedding guests????

Undoubtedly the good transportation makes the commutation comfortable. Chauffeured transportation for wedding occasion adds a style, luxury, and picture-perfect signoff touch to it. Wedding Chauffeur hire is an essential part of wedding transportation because a luxurious vehicle is not all that matters to add style and status to your wedding reception. A chauffeur is a lot more than a trained driver of your car.

A chauffeured vehicle not only adds the sophistication and class but provides comfort and relaxation to the bride and groom, style, liberty to celebrate the event, avoids the hassle and stress associated with a car or cab, and timely services that provides you more relaxation and freedom on your special day.

Tips to evaluate a great chauffeur:

Every great chauffeur has the following qualities:

  • A chauffeur must acquire appropriate Chauffeur’s license and certification to drive a limousine.
  • You should make sure proper insurance, just in case.
  • A chauffeur in jeans???? You wouldn’t even dream of it. A chauffeur needs to be in professional attire. The classic black and white uniform is never gone out of fashion.
  • Relevant license, satisfactory driving record, and perfect uniform is a good start but all this is useless without adequate training. A great chauffeur must be fully trained and must have a defensive driving course. A perfect chauffeur for wedding occasions may also have the skills to deal with some special issues like how to help a bride with her long gown and 14 to 15-foot-train get into and out of the vehicle without any difficulty and creasing her gown?
  • Chauffeur for a wedding is not a place for contractors, amateurs, and hacks. A good chauffeur must have a bonded employment status.
  • Some other qualities of an excellent chauffeur are:
  • Thoughtfulness and attention to details
  • Pleasant, polite, and equipped with peoples skills
  • With firsthand knowledge of the area
  • Meticulous personal grooming
  • Punctuality
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure for example how to comfort nervous brides or their parents.

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