June 13, 2024

Whale watching & Ocean viewing Binocular

Have you ever noticed the whale show-offing and launching itself out of the water?? Witnessing the ocean’s most spectacular creation of the marine world is such an amazing experience. But unfortunately, no one can experience this unique and striking view as being right next to the whale because of its shy nature.

To capture this dramatic and rare scenario you need a right pair of binoculars. Ocean viewing and whale watching are the fun activities that you probably love to perform from onboard a cruise, boat, or a ship. But still it is not necessary to go overboard but you can watch these majestic beats with all minor details from far away with the help of a pair of binoculars.

It is important to know the beneficial features of binocular to look for in whale watching and also know how to choose a perfect one at an affordable price. Here is the full guide about Marine Binocular on https://opticzoo.com/best-whale-watching-and-ocean-viewing-binoculars/.

Important features of Marine Binocular:

You need to keep the following features in mind when buying a marine binocular:

  • Magnification & Size of lenses: Magnification is all about the power/zoom of binocular that is marked in number on all types of binoculars. While the second number marked on all binoculars shows the size of their objective lenses. Most people prefer whale watching onboard a moving object (Ship or boat) that is why make sure the use of binocular with a maximum of 8X magnification. Because the shaking of the moving platforms magnifies the results in a shaky image. 7X or 8 X magnifications binocular is the ideal one.
  • Must go with a waterproof binocular that comes with fog proofing. Good waterproof binocular avoids moisture inside the binocular and also prevents fogging in variable temperatures.
  • Size & Weight: A normal marine binocular is available in 7 X 50 size that is considered a little heavy and bulky. The best working binocular size for whale watching lies between 7 X 35 and 8 X 32. This binocular is great not only for marine use but for bird watching, viewing sports, hiking, and other uses also.

Marine binoculars can cost up to $2,000. Spending this huge amount only for whale watching is not wisely. In that case, you can go with plenty of options that assure quality viewing at affordable prices. In addition to the above-mentioned features you also need to look for warranty, budget, and the number of accessories binocular is available with.

Top five binoculars for watching whale

Let’s take a view of the top five available marine binoculars:

  1. Fujifilm Fujinon Polaris 7×50 FMT-SX Whale Watching And Ocean Viewing Binocular
  2. Sightron SIIBL832 8×32 Whale Watching And Ocean Viewing Binocular
  3. Steiner 575 Marine 7×50 Whale Watching And Ocean Viewing Binocular
  4. Nikon 7239 Action 7×50 EX – Best Option for Extended Comfortable Viewing
  5. Carson XM-042HD 10×42 – Best Non-Slip Grip for Ocean Viewing


If you don’t have a perfect pair of binoculars you may miss all the fun and charm of whale watching. With a perfect onetime investment don’t miss maximum fun and all the action.