July 14, 2024
Australian Tourist Attractions

5 Australian Tourist Attractions That Locals Actually Visit

For many people, Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination, and it’s worth doing some research to make sure that you get the most out of the experience. If you are planning a trip to Australia, and are keen to stay away from the main tourist traps and visit some of the destinations that are more likely to be frequented by locals, then here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a meandering waterway that is world-famous for the iconic Sydney Opera House that was opened to the public in 1973. Get to know the harbour well by going on the pleasant Sydney Harbour Circle Walk. There are numerous attractions for both Sydneysiders and tourists, such as Cockatoo Island and Fort Denison, as well as numerous sailing and diving opportunities. The travel company, ANZCRO, would be an excellent choice when planning your holiday to Sydney, or anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Every member of their team has either lived or worked “Down Under”, so they can provide their expert insider knowledge to make your trip, the trip of a lifetime.

Kangaroo Island

Why not take a trip to Kangaroo Island? It is located off the south coast of Australia and has some amazingly beautiful wildlife and scenery. It’s a popular place for Australians to spend their holidays, and although 25 per cent of international visitors choose to visit Kangaroo Island during their holidays to Australia, it is still an unspoilt paradise. There are several wildlife reserves, of which Flinders Chase National Park is the largest, where you can find koalas, kangaroos, penguins, and seals. There is plenty to do on Kangaroo Island, with trails for hikers, and beaches where it is safe to swim. Visit Seal Bay, where you can see the colonies of seals and sea lions.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains in New South Wales have a World Heritage Site status and are a well-loved area that Australians love to visit. There are so many things for visitors to do here, in this varied landscape. Why not go mountain-biking on the numerous fire trails that branch out from the main through-route? Or visit the impressive Jenolan caves, near Katoomba? With eucalyptus forests, breathtaking vistas, deep gorges, and patches of rainforest, the Blue Mountains are an amazing place to visit.

Kakadu National Park

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture at the Kakadu National Park, where you can explore the fascinating Nourlangie Rock Art galleries, canoe along the Yellow Water region, and take part in the indigenous-owned Gagudju adventure tours, where local guides will take you to the remotest and least accessible areas of this region. The activities available depend on the season, so it is worth checking first- whether it is hiking through the Bardedjilidji Walk in the East Alligator region in the dry season- or marvelling at Kakadu’s waterfalls in the wet season.


In Tasmania, you can holiday with the Australians as this is one of their favourite holiday islands. Tourist attractions include the Port Arthur Historic Site, where you can learn about the harrowing experiences of the early convicts, the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, and the interesting capital, Hobart- which is a great place for eating and drinking.