July 14, 2024
Get Through the Airport Quicker

How to Get Through the Airport Quicker

Air travel is not something anyone looks forward to. It’s a necessary evil for anyone who wants to travel long distance in short amounts of time. The fact of the matter is, it takes time to get through an airport. But there are ways in which you can minimize the time you spend at the airport, as well as the stress involved. Read on!


Make sure you buy your tickets beforehand. You don’t want to waste time trying to buy plane tickets at the airport. Most airlines allow you to print off the boarding pass at home, this is something you should definitely do – just don’t lose it!

Packing for air travel can be frustrating. There are so many rules and regulations. Guess what’s even more frustrating though? Having to unpack your bags on the airport floor because your luggage is too heavy. Remember, there are limits on liquid and you can only take one piece of luggage and an extra, smaller one as hand luggage.


Let’s face it, parking at the airport can be a real nightmare. Think ahead and get online to check out what the situation is at your airport. That way, you’ll know where you’re going when you arrive and won’t waste time stressing about where you should be going.

Look out for offers on parking prices too. It can be an expensive business so think about parking somewhere nearby and traveling to the airport via bus or train. Or take advantage of companies who offer cheap LAX parking.


You’d be surprised how much time you can waste by going back and forth through the metal detectors ten times or more. Don’t wear excessive jewelry if you’re going on a flight, and any that you do wear take off before you go through the metal detector the first time. You may think you’re saving time by just walking through quickly, but you’re not.


How annoying is it when the entire queue is being held up because the person at the front is rummaging through their bag, looking for their passport or boarding pass? Don’t be that person, everyone on the plane will hate you before you’ve even boarded.

Whatever you do though, don’t put your documents or passport down on a table or anywhere else. Know where they are at all times, a misplaced passport can be the biggest airport nightmare out there.


When you’re sitting around in the departure lounge, I know it can be boring, but don’t let yourself fall asleep. Keep your ears pricked up, listening out for the latest updates. Eventually you’ll be asked to board the plane, so make sure you hear which gate you have to head to. As soon as you’ve got it, get up and be the first on the plane.


Saying stupid things inside an airport can be disastrous for you. If the staff think that you pose a risk or are going to be troublesome, they simply won’t let you on the plane. And why should they? So, however tempting it might be, don’t drink before you board the plane!