April 12, 2024
Palau Jellyfish Lake

Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour Tips

Tourists traveling to the Palau Islands in Micronesia will be able to bathe again in Jellyfish Lake. Its name is not trivial, since it has thousands of jellyfish. But rest assured, they are totally harmless for the Man. This lake is also the main tourist attraction of the destination. Here are Palau jellyfish lake tour tips.

Under the surface of the water, a whole new world is offered to us. Inoffensive species inhabit the seabed, but also dangerous, like jellyfish. These last ones do not have a very good reputation in the collective imagination. Stranded on the beach, do not touch them, let alone bathe with them.

There is, however, a place on Earth where it is possible to bathe with them safely. Head to Micronesia, Palau, where the highlight attraction of this destination is to dive in the middle of a jellyfish bank.

The lake of Jellyfish on the island of Mechechar attracts a large number of tourists in search of thrills. After donning a mask and snorkel, it’s time to dive into the water, where hundreds and thousands of jellyfish swarm.

Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour Tips
Palau Jellyfish Lake

Closed since 2016

Not long ago, the lake was closed to tourists because of the climatic phenomenon El Nino, which caused a rise in temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, jellyfish had almost completely disappeared. The drama was avoided, especially when you know that there were 20 million people to populate the lake before.

Today, thanks to the absence of tourists, and the nature that has followed its course, jellyfish have been able to repopulate their habitat.

The authorities believe that the number of jellyfish is sufficient to offer a travelers a unique experience of quality. West France tells us about Dora Benhart, spokesman of the environmental protection services of the State of Koror: “Jellyfish come back, tourists too.”

Anticipate the disappearance of jellyfish

Palau Jellyfish Lake

In order to preserve the jellyfish environment while offering tourists sensational activity, the authorities are studying an adequate way to regulate access to this lake. One of the possibilities envisaged, would be to increase the price of the visit to 150 euros, instead of 100 euros in the past.

Another important element for Palau jellyfish lake tour tips: Sunscreen, this scourge of the seabed. From January 2020, in Lake Jellyfish, as on the rest of the territory, sunscreens harmful to coral reefs will be permanently banned.