April 12, 2024
Amazing Iceland

Amazing Iceland: A Truly Unique Holiday

There are a lot of great places to travel in Europe, but Iceland is one of the best. Other countries may have a better reputation, yet they don’t have the variety and diversity that you will find in the Arctic Circle. Yes, you can go sunbathing in Spain and sample the Bierkellers in Germany, but you can do that any time. Iceland is a once in a lifetime vacation, and you should not miss out.

Here are some fantastic reasons you have to go to Iceland.


Iceland is well known for its volcanic activity. In fact, if you remember back a few years, European aerospace was brought to a halt because of an Icelandic volcano. But, they are not as volatile and nasty as you would think.

When you think about volcanoes images of molten lava cascading down hills, destroying everything in its path springs to mind, but this is far from the truth. Volcanoes in Iceland are majestic and tranquil in good measure. You can hike one, marvel at its beauty and even swim in the crater at Askja.

The majority of them are active, and there is an element of danger, but this is just another reason to visit!


An easier way to say the title above is a hike!  Landmannalaugar is part of the Fjallabak nature reserve in the Iceland highland. Although they are places to hike around the world, there isn’t a place that offers the range of hiking and the stunning beauty of Iceland.

Aside from hiking there are hot springs and a plethora of hills and mountains that are well worth the flight. Plus, hiking and hot springs are great for your health!


Iceland might not be on your bucket list for the best clubbing spots in Europe, but you have obviously never been to Reykjavik. Reykjavik, the country’s capital, is famous throughout Iceland for its atmospheric and rowdy pub and club scene.

Join the Runtur and start off with a pub crawl and work your way throughout the city. By the time you wake up in the morning, you will soon understand why the nightlife is so legendary across the country.


Geysers are well known throughout the world. They are bubbling jets of hot water that shoot out of the ground, right? Yes, there are, but Geysir in Iceland is original. In fact, every other geyser in the world gets its name from Geysir itself.

Watching Strokkur erupt at Geysir is one of the world’s natural wonders that you cannot miss.


Talking about natural wonders that you cannot miss, Iceland is one of a handful of countries that is home to the Northern Lights. Also known as the Aurora, the Northern Lights are caused by cosmic rays and solar winds. The result is a light display that is beyond anyone’s imagination.

You do have to time your trip to Iceland to perfection, but the majority of Iceland tours will take care of the fine print for you. All you have to do is pay and turn up.


The ice-blue glaciers at this national park in Iceland are totally mind blowing. The formation of these glaciers have been evolving over centuries, even millennia, and it is like exploring another planet.