July 14, 2024
Visiting Bali

Your Ultimate Guide To Visiting Bali

There are some places in the world that are worth the long haul flight to get to. Bali is certainly one of them. As an island, there is plenty of coastline and pristine beaches to explore. This Indonesian province is a delight to visit and offers you so much to enjoy during your stay.

Balinese Hinduism is the main faith observed here. There is also a sizeable Muslim population. This makes the island rich in customs, culture and heritage. It is globally recognised as an important centre for the arts too. Music, dance and cinema dominate the island as key pastimes and income generators.

Of course, Bali’s wealth stems largely from the tourism trade, but it is the arts that draw people here time and again. This beautiful island has so much to offer that many people visit again. The biodiversity of the marine life here is also a huge attraction. With over 500 reef-building species in the habitat, it is no wonder this island is so important to global wildlife.

The journey to Bali may be hard going but when you get there, you can find some wonderful accommodation. You can relax by the pool and enjoy some fabulous spa treatments at many resorts. A luxury villa is certainly one of the best ways to enjoy Bali if you are traveling with friends or family. You can find cheap accommodation in Seminyak that puts you in the heart of the best sights in Bali.

The weather in Bali guarantees a great stay most of the year-round. December through to early March can be quite wet as this is the monsoon season for this region. The rest of the year sees very little rainfall and can be as warm as thirty-three degrees Celsius.

If you are looking to enjoy seeing some wildlife during your summer stay in Bali, then the marina is perfect. There are also over 200 native species of wild bird to spot around the island. Many are up in the mountainous areas as this tends to be a little cooler for them. For something a little different, why not take a tour to see the bat population, or even check out the native monkeys!

Cuisine in Bali is highly varied due to the diversity of people on the island. You can often hear the percussive tones of gamelan music in the evenings to accompany your meal. Rice is the staple, and beef is off the menu due to religious requirements. Food is flavorsome and fruit is a favorite dish to accompany meals.



If you’re in a luxury villa and you fancy cooking for yourself, there are some wonderful night markets. They also sell extraordinary delicacies for you to try too. Basa Gede is a favourite spice paste used in much of Balinese cooking. Thanks to the tourism trade, there are plenty of restaurants for you to sample too.

Bali is a beautiful destination, and there is much to do when you are here. Tours are the best way to make the most of what is on offer, but be sure to speak to locals at markets too to find out more about the culture and island. Enjoy your stay in Bali.