July 14, 2024


Maybe you think Vietnam looks small on the map but you can easily spend weeks exploring this amazing country. You cannot get prepared for the epic beauty of traveling Vietnam just by listening about it. You need to visit it because it’s deadly beautiful. There is no denying that DISCERNING TRAVELER VIETNAM provides you an unforgettable experience of speechless beauty with delicious food.

Vietnam is a country with a deep long history and ancient traditions but from green rice fields to jungle and monsoon forests of Vietnam that are alive with unique wildlife there is much more to traverse here. A travel agency can make or break your Vietnam trip that is why to be wise in selecting a travel agency and don’t allow them to ruin your trip.

How to choose the best travel agency in Vietnam?

Pay attention to the following points to select a perfect travel agency:

  • Check to verify the tour guild is licensed and works for a licensed company
  • Get proper and clear information regarding their address, phone number, and email.
  • A proper functional website is the best reflection of a company. A good website indicates quality services for customers.
  • Good travel guides provide beforehand and inspiring information about the trip.
  • A good travel agency provides you refund policy and cancellation of the trip.
  • By checking reviews and experience of previous customers you can also get an idea of their services.


It is a fact that you can get massive information about Vietnam on the internet before taking any trip. But there are still some very important regulations and facts you cannot get aware of.

That is why you need DISCERNING TRAVELER VIETNAM to get the original and best experience. Our headquarters located in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). We offer amazing tour services because we run by enthusiastic local experts. Saigon is the most booming and vibrant city, a place where the action never ends, and it is surrounded by lush waterscapes, Cu Chi tunnels, and villages of Mekong delta that are also the must-see attractions here. We are incomparable to avoid confusion and unexpected situations for you in Vietnam. We are authentic with no dishonest policies and hidden fees. We believe in honesty and provide you the brilliant experience from local experts.


The tours are considered stable and high quality because of our local expert supporting team. We are experts in customizing trips for solo, couples, and families and offer site-seeing, distinctive, and experience-based holidays to Vietnam. From a few days to an extensive journey of memories, our expertise authorizes us to customize any trip to fit travel wishes and needs. We provide highly personalized tours throughout Vietnam. From Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa and Ninh Binh in the north thru central Vietnam HoiAn, DaNang and Hue all the way south to Saigon.Our team prides their self in tailor-making an ideal trip to Vietnam that suits all our customers and is honored to discuss all budget and tour options. Providing you the honest information to make your trip comfortable and amazing is our individuality.

‘’The smile we get from our customers is our true reward’’.